Building Forms


Application for Building Consent and / or PIM [PDF, 946 KB] (combined application form & guide) 

A Project Information Memorandum (PIM) is a report about a building proposal on a specific site. A PIM will be issued within 20 working days and Council charges a fee for this service. To apply for a PIM from Council, you will need the address and legal description of the property and the details about the kind of building you are proposing.

Application for Certificate of Acceptance [PDF, 256 KB]

Application for Certificate of Public Use [PDF, 212 KB]

Alternative Solution Insert [PDF, 50 KB]

Application for Code of Compliance Certificate [PDF, 305 KB]

Application for Determination [PDF, 255 KB]

Application for Permit to Operate Amusement Device [PDF, 162 KB]

LIM Application Form [PDF, 101 KB]

A LIM (Land Information Memorandum) is a council-issued document which contains any relevant information held by the council about a piece of land. Anyone buying a dwelling or commercial premises may apply to the Council for a LIM. Items covered in the LIM are rates and water charges, refuse and recycling collection information, building permits and consents, protected buildings and trees, historic buildings, planning information, eg resource consents, planning zones, any special characteristics of the land or buildings, any requisitions issued by the Council within the property, drainage information relating to sewer and/or storm water, resource consents issued in the immediate neighbourhood, compliance schedules, building warrant of fitness, registrations and licences, swimming pool compliances and valuation data.

 Memorandum Certificate of Design Work (external link)

Application to Amend Compliance Schedule [PDF, 167 KB]

Memorandum Record of Building Work (external link)  

Site/Soil Assessment Evaluation [PDF, 303 KB]

Record of Feature As-built Water Services [PDF, 199 KB]
Waiver Modification Insert [PDF, 49 KB]
Other Building Forms (external link)