Council may collect video footage through various means including camera surveillance systems and motion sensitive cameras, capturing both sound and footage. These may be used in particular areas to:

  • help ensure Council staff and public safety
  • improve security and help deter criminal activity and anti-social behaviour in public places (including Council premises and recreational facilities)
  • monitor trespass on Council property
  • allow quick response to incidents or other emergency situations such as panic alarm activation (in Council offices and libraries)
  • provide a record of events which can also be used if an incident occurs that requires further investigation or needs to be referred to the Police for potential prosecution
  • monitor compliance and enable enforcement of Council bylaws
  • detect and capture evidence of Council process issues and potential areas for improvement (in Council’s offices and libraries)

Further details about these systems, their use can be found in part 2 of the Privacy Policy or you can email our email our privacy officer.

More information about Privacy and CCTV can be found on the Privacy Commissioners website