Health and safety

Southland District Council is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff, contractors and anyone else who may be impacted by our work.

We will consult, cooperate, communicate and coordinate with all organisations or contractors working on, or in the vicinity of council-managed sites to ensure we all meet our obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act, 2015 (HSWA, 2015) and associated regulations.

Council has an approved health and safety contractor list. To be included on this list contractors must provide Council with health and safety documentation and return the applicable forms to demonstrate understanding and compliance with HSWA, 2015.

The approval process is not a guarantee of work, however it may provide the contractor with an advantage in the selection process because they have already met Council's prerequisite health and safety expectations. A contractor's approval status is typically valid for one year (subject to their performance).

Please click on the link below to complete an online application to become an approved contractor. If you would prefer to do a manual application, please contact your Council representative on 0800 732 732.

Apply to become an approved contractor online

23 March 2023

For more information download your copy of Health, safety and wellbeing policy and contractor handbook

Health and Safety contractor material