What are Council controlled organisations?

Council controlled organisations (CCOs) are organisations in which the Council is involved by itself or with other local authorities and controls any proportion of voting rights or rights to appoint directors. Find out more about council controlled organisations below.

What are Council-controlled trading organisations?

Council-controlled trading organisations (CCTO's) are council-controlled organisations that operate a trading undertaking for the purpose of making a profit.

Great South

Great South was established as Southland’s regional development agency in March 2019. Committed to driving economic, social and cultural growth, Great South has a clear mandate to leverage opportunities for Southland in the areas of economic and business development, tourism and events.

Focusing on encouraging the region's overall wellbeing and success, Great South incorporates the Southland Regional Tourism Organisation, central government’s Regional Business Partner (RBP) Network, delivers a range of events and regional initiatives, and runs a number of government-funded contracts that pave the way for regional growth and development.

The Statement of Intent outlines the organisations overall direction and sets out the strategic objectives. See below for a link to Statements of Intent, 6 monthly and annual reports. 

Great South statements of intent

SpaceOps NZ

SpaceOps NZ is the trading name of Space Operations New Zealand Limited. It is a council-controlled trading organisation under the Local Government Act 2002, being a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southland Regional Development Agency Limited.

SpaceOps NZ statements of Intent

Milford Community Trust

The Milford Community Trust was established in 2007 by the Southland District Council and the Department of Conservation, with the assistance of Environment Southland, to provide leadership and governance for the Milford community.

See below for a link to Statement of Intent, performance and 6 monthly reports. 

Milford Community Trust statements of intent

SMAG statements of intent