Getting a licence

If you have more than two dogs on a property, you will need to get a multiple dog licence. This doesn't apply to working dogs unless they're kept in an urban area. A joint application can be made if there is more than one owner. You will need to complete & return this form and pay the $50 application fee. There are standard conditions on the licence, such as ensuring your dogs are not a barking nuisance.

Once you have a licence, you only need to reapply if:

  • You move to another property (if you move, your new house will need to pass another property inspection - there is no fee)
  • the number of dogs on your property is higher than your licence allows.

Licence removal - probationary and disqualified owner

If any of the dog owners on a property is a probationary or disqualified owner, we will not issue a licence to increase the number of dogs. We can withdraw your licence or reduce the number of dogs it applies to if you do not meet conditions such as:

  • The welfare and care of the dogs
  • removal of dog droppings
  • sufficient housing for the dogs
  • no barking problems
  • containment of the dogs.

You can not object to Council if your licence is revoked but you can re-apply after 12 months.

8 December 2022

Multiple dog licence application

Meeting the criteria

Property inspection

When a licence application is received, a Council dog control officer will check your property to see:

  • It is appropriate for the size, breed and number of dogs there
  • the dogs are kept in clean, sanitary conditions with adequate exercise, food, water and shelter (from the wind, rain and sun) provided
  • the dogs are properly confined
  • the dogs do not pose a threat and are not causing a nuisance. The breed or type of dogs will be considered and the dog control officer will check if there is a history of complaints against any of the dogs.

Neighbourhood feedback

A dog control officer may speak with your immediate neighbours, including those at the back of your property and next to your driveway. If they raise any concerns, the officer will investigate and try to resolve them.