Processing your application

When you have submitted your application through the ObjectiveBuild portal, we will run a document check to ensure that you have supplied all required information as well as a completed Form 2. Any further required information will be requested via the ObjectiveBuild portal. Once we are satisfied with the application it will be accepted and lodged into our Council system.

The statutory 20 working days’ time clock will commence from the next working day after all required information is accepted.

The application may then be allocated to the various required disciplines within Council for processing; i.e. resource planning, engineering, building, water, drainage, etc. Each discipline will review your application and assess it for compliance against the requirements of the Building Code along with all relevant Act or legislative requirements.

Our technical staff will review the information to make sure that the proposed building work will meet the requirements of the Code if carried out in accordance with the information supplied. If we are missing any information or need clarification, we will request this via the ObjectiveBuild portal.

The statutory 20-working day clock will be suspended from the date we issue a request for information and will remain suspended until the next working day after all information requested is provided in full.