A MultiProof is a statement issued by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) that outlines that a set of plans and specifications for a building complies with the Building Code. The MultiProof is however limited to certain criteria and excludes site specific features of a design, these items are to be assessed by the BCA. 

To be eligible for a MultiProof you must have the intention and the ability to build an approved design at least 10 times within a two-year period.

A MultiProof is not, and does not replace, a building consent. The holder of a MultiProof must obtain a building consent each time they wish to construct the design to which the MultiProof relates.

When your building consent application includes a MultiProof the BCA must grant or refuse it within 20 working days from receipt of the whole application. If your consent is only for a MultiProof the BCA must grant or refuse within 10 working days from receipt of the application. However, where the BCA identifies issues with the application surrounding the criteria of the MultiProof or site-specific features the application may be subjected to a request for further information, which will place the statutory clock on hold until the information requested is provided.

The BCA confirms and establishes:

  • The design, with any permitted variations, is the same as the design approved in the MultiProof
  • the proposed site meets the conditions of the MultiProof
  • the site-specific features of the design comply with the Building Code
  • the inspections required.