Building consent applications can be complex. We recommend you engage a professional person to help with the design work and drawings.

Each application must be accompanied by the information requirements identified in the checklists. Checklists can be downloaded below.

Producer statements

These can help support your building consent application and CCC as long as they are considered accurate and reliable.

There are currently four types of producer statements, in use. They are known as:

  • PS 1 – Design
  • PS 2 – Design Review
  • PS 3 – Construction (often used by the installers of proprietary systems)
  • PS 4 – Construction Review.

We will be clear about when we would need to receive producer statements during the construction process. If you have advised Council that you will provide these with your application for building consent, then these will also need to be produced when you apply for CCC.

Producer statements from engineers

Producer statements are typically used for specialist work, such as engineering, or where there is a proprietary product which is installed by appointed contractors. Aspects of this work will be outside Council’s in-house expertise and a producer statement can assist Council when they are determining whether the building work complies with the building code. Councils will use their judgement when considering producer statements and how much weight to give them.

Here are some examples of work where a producer statement might be submitted:

  • An engineer may provide a statement relating to foundations
  • a mechanical engineer may provide a statement relating to heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • a tiler may provide a statement that the waterproofing membrane has been correctly applied.

At the time of submitting the building consent application, you should be submitting relevant PS1s and PS2s.

Producer statement information

Producer statements

Producer statements from tradesmen/qualified installers

Southland District Council uses a Producer Statement Authority Register of experts, who are not CPEngs qualified engineers whose producer statements will also be accepted.

These producer statements will generally be used to cover installation of components, such as waterproofing, membranes, mechanical services and fire alarms that cannot be fully assessed during an inspection by the building control officers.

Producer statements to support Code Compliance Certificate (CCC) applications

Additional producer statements (PS3 and PS4) may be required prior to accepting an application for CCC, or issuing a CCC. Council will be very clear throughout the construction if a PS3 or PS4 will be required.

Proof of ownership

You will need to provide proof of ownership that demonstrates the current ownership of the property.

This can either be:

  • Rates notice dated no older than 3 months for any work that does not affect the building footprint
  • a signed sales and purchase agreement by both parties
  • a certificate of title and deposited plan with all easement instruments shown for all new work or work affecting existing building footprint. To obtain a certificate of title you can contact LINZ on 0800 ONLINE (0800 665 463) or

It is the owner’s responsibility to supply the information for the building consent.

New vehicle access

Any building which requires a new vehicle access must be approved. Contact Council’s transport team on 0800 732 732 to discuss this. A detailed plan showing the location of the proposed access will need to be supplied with your application. There is a cost associated with this, please see Schedule of Fees and Charges.

RAPID number

Each new dwelling within the rural area is required to have a number at the gate similar to street numbers in town. This is essential and particularly helpful in emergencies. As part of your building consent application, the building team will send a notice to our roading team to let them know they will need to allocate a rapid number for your new building. There is a cost associated with this, please see the Schedule of Fees and Charges.

28 March 2023

Application for non-residential RAPID number