Cost factors

This depends on the type of application, cost of your project work and the level of detail provided.

Southland District Council has a schedule of fees that details the costs associated with each application type. There may also be other associated charges that will be included in the total fees such as:

  • levies payable to the Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment (MBIE)
  • levies payable to BRANZ accreditation levy payable to SDC
  • for staged building consents, the levies considered the estimated cost of all preceding stages
  • additional time spent processing the application
  • additional inspections required
  • issue of compliance schedule (if applicable);
  • vehicle crossing
  • water meter connection (if applicable)
  • other territorial authority related costs e.g. resource consent (if applicable)
  • rapid number, if applicable
  • CCC application fee.

Fees and levies for consents, additional inspections and Code Compliance Certificates will all be calculated as they are processed and all fees owing will be invoiced. Invoices are payable via Southland District Council’s website, internet banking or at the reception desk of any Southland District Council office. A schedule of fees is available from Council’s website or collected from Council’s main office in Invercargill or any of Council’s area offices. Fees can be paid at the office, by internet banking or via the website.

The BCA may charge additional fees for processing time where a large amount of time has had to be spent processing the consent or for additional inspections.

Please note that any fees or charges outstanding at the time of applying for Code Compliance Certificate may prevent it from being issued.


Who are BRANZ?

Building Research Association of New Zealand Limited (BRANZ)

BRANZ are an independent research, testing, and information resource for the building and construction industry. Further information can be found at:

What is the accreditation levy?

The accreditation levy is a levy available to BCAs to cover the cost of their statutory biennial accreditation of the BCA.

What are development contributions?

Council provide infrastructure like water, wastewater, roading, etc, to service existing residents and businesses, and also to accommodate future growth.

Whilst the BCA does not charge for Development Contributions directly under the building consent due to providing these services, Southland District Council considers it may be appropriate that where new subdivisions and developments benefit from using existing infrastructure provided by the community, or where those developments require infrastructure extensions, the cost of that infrastructure should be met by those who create the demand.