Depending on the nature of your project, it could impact on the environment or affect other people which means you might need to apply for a resource consent as well as a building consent. Your build may also have requirements under the Resource Management Act 1991. Our Council planner will look over your plans, if required, and will check these against any district or regional plans that may require you to obtain a resource consent or other permits.

If a resource consent is required, a certificate issued under section 37 of the Building Act 2004 is attached to your project information memorandum (PIM) or building consent. A section 37 certificate precludes any work commencing until the resource consent has been granted. We strongly advise you obtain resource consent advice before seeking a building consent to avoid expensive changes to your proposal.

If you are unsure if your proposal requires a resource consent, you can discuss the details with the Resource Planning Department on 0800 732 732.


9 February 2023

Information about resource management and your project