If you are unable to resolve a problem with your Licensed Building Practitioner (LBP) directly, you could look at other options such as making a complaint. You can make a complaint where you believe they were negligent, incompetent or in breach of the grounds for discipline in the Building Act.

Council and the BCA are not involved in this process.

From 25 October 2022, the code of ethics for LBPs is enforceable by the Building Practitioners Board. The Government introduced the new code of ethics for LBPs in October 2021, with a 1-year transition before it became enforceable.

There have been no changes to the LBP licensing scheme as a result of the code of ethics coming into force, but the code of ethics ensures high standards are maintained in the industry, while giving the public more confidence that LBPs are reputable and operate ethically.

If you have a problem or a concern about a building practitioner, you can follow the guidance under Licensed Building Practitioners website on the making a complaint page.

The Building Practitioners Board can:

  • Investigate and hear complaints about work or conduct (a disciplinary process with evidence given under oath)
  • discipline and fine an LBP
  • record any disciplinary action on the public register for LBPs for three years.

The Building Practitioners Board cannot:

  • Award the complainant any compensation or make the LBP fix defective work
  • hear complaints regarding payment disputes, or commercial or contractual disputes including employment disputes.

If your problem relates to one of these issues, you will need to look at other options.