Once the building consent and any other required consents or approvals have been granted, you can start building. This is a very exciting part of the journey but it is still important to make sure that the building consent conditions are followed and that the approved plans are followed.

You will have required inspections to be completed which will be outlined as part of the building consent. If any of these inspections do not pass and require re-inspection, you may be charged for additional inspections and will be required to pay for these before a CCC is issued. You may also have to supply certain documentation. All of which is outlined on your building consent.

When the project is completed, it is the building owner’s responsibility to get the sign off for the project by way of Code Compliance Certificate. This means it is really important that the owner checks on work as it progresses and checks in with the building professionals to ensure everything is running smoothly.

Being a collaborator on the application in ObjectiveBuild helps with this. All paperwork required for CCC is stated within the building consent or as a result of inspections undertaken if the build hasn’t gone according to plan.

7 February 2023

Following the building process