Making changes

Changes to the building work may be required during the build and this will in turn require updates to be made to the issued building consent before the changes can be actioned.  It is vitally important that any changes to the building consent are notified to Council as soon as possible to avoid any delays.  There are two types of applications and which one to use will depend on how large the change is. 

Minor variation

A minor modification, addition, or variation to a building consent that does not deviate significantly from the plans and specifications to which the building consent relates. Sometimes this can be considered and accepted on site during an inspection and at other times an application will be required. The Building Consents Officer will guide you as to what is required.

3 April 2023

Minor variation application

Amendment - major variation

This is where the work is outside the scope of the original building consent (for example, additional footprint or increases in floor area, construction method, or significant changes to the layout), this would be considered a major variation. An application for an Amendment would need to be made to Council. Again, the Building Consents Officer will guide you as to what is required.

To make an application for a Minor Variation or an Amendment, you would log into your ObjectiveBuild account and complete the correct forms and provide any relevant documentation.