When the project is completed, a building owner must apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. This means it is really important that the owner checks on work as it progresses and checks in with the building professionals to ensure everything is running smoothly. Being a collaborator on the application in Objective helps with this.

Council issues Code Compliance Certificates based on the inspections undertaken during and at the end of construction. It’s only issued when Council is satisfied on reasonable grounds that your building work is;

  • completed
  • complies with the building consent
  • your final inspection has been passed
  • any specified systems for the building have been verified as capable of performing to the performance standards listed on the issued building consent; and
  • your Code Compliance Certificate application and required documentation eg energy works certificate, have been received and accepted. 

A code compliance certificate gives you and future owners an assurance that the building work was done in accordance with the building consent, making it safe, healthy and durable. Lack of a code compliance certificate might prevent a bank from releasing a final payment or may affect insurance cover.