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What's a property file?

A property file is a collection of documents specific to Council’s regulatory activities on a particular property.

As part of our ongoing customer service we supply property files to a wide range of people on a daily basis; real estate agents, lawyers, contractors, owners, buyers, builders, architects, engineers and surveyors.

Depending on the property, you could expect some of the following:

  • Building consent documents e.g. plans and specifications, site and drainage plans
  • historic building permits
  • resource consent documents e.g. decision letters or scheme plans
  • (High Value Area) HVA Reports e.g. a report describing the ecological significance of the area
  • LIM Notification in the form of an Earthquake Prone Building Status.

Vacant land may not have any building work, resource consents, land use or subdivisions, or any other work performed by the Council so nothing would be available to view.

A large commercial operation, on the other hand, may have historic building permits, multiple building consents, a Building Warrant of Fitness and resource consents for land use and subdivisions.

A property file does not replace a LIM report and often customers get a property file in addition to a LIM report. We deliver our property files electronically via a file sharing site.