Rates can be paid in full or by instalments. To avoid penalties at least one quarter of your rates must be paid each quarter by the dates below:

  • 25 August 2023
  • 24 November 2023
  • 23 February 2024
  • 31 May 2024

All outstanding rates after the last day for payment for each instalment will incur a penalty equating to 10% of the rates instalment value. Any rates outstanding at 30 June (relating to the current and prior years) will incur a further 10% penalty.

If you are in financial difficulty, please email us and ask for a rates staff member to contact you or phone 0800 732 732.

Pay online

The easy way to pay your rates

It’s easier than ever to pay your rates online.

Pay your rates online

By direct debit

A direct debit is where you give Council authority to deduct a specific amount from your bank account on a regular basis to cover your rates. Typically the value deducted is equivalent to the annual rates total divided by the number of payments per annum. Direct debit ensures that your rates are paid in full by 30 June each year and you do not incur any penalties .

The Southland District Council offers ratepayers the option to pay their rates by direct debit by any of the following frequencies:

  • weekly (specify the day of the week that suits you)
  • fortnightly (specify the day of the fortnight that suits you)
  • monthly (last working day of the month)
  • quarterly (on rates instalment due dates), or
  • annually (on the 1st instalment due date)

Complete the direct debit form return it to us by post or or email it to rates@southlanddc.govt.nz

Rates Department
Southland District Council
PO Box 903
15 Forth Street
Invercargill 9810

15 March 2023

Direct debit authority application form

Automatic payment

An automatic payment is where you instruct your bank to pay Council a regular amount. You must include your billing number with these payments as without this Council has no way of knowing which property you are paying rates for which could result in penalties being charged.

Please ensure if you have more than one property that you establish one automatic payment per property.

Please note: There is a risk that your automatic payments won’t meet the instalment due dates and subsequently penalties may be incurred. Automatic payments will also need to be revised annually due to changing rates.

Telephone and internet banking

Payment via telephone or internet banking is available through most banks. These services allow you to pay your rates at any point in time and from anywhere in the country. Please note: If you have more than one property, you must make one payment per property.

If paying by telephone banking please contact Council on 0800 732 732 to obtain the specific details you need to provide to your bank in order to use this service.

If paying by internet banking, please note that Southland District Council is a bill payee with all New Zealand banks. Please select the option: SOUTHLAND DISTRICT COUNCIL - RATES and enter your billing number where indicated.

Pay in person

All Southland District Council offices accept payment over the counter in cash or via EFTPOS or credit card (Mastercard and Visa only).