Disposing of harmful products

Hazardous substances are products that harm people, the environment and property. Council has a responsibility to monitor the use, storage and disposal of such substances.

Most household cleaners, detergents and pesticides provide you with instructions on the label and packaging on how to use and dispose of the products. Other products such as swimming pool chemicals, petrol and tanks for diving need attention.

Please contact Council’s environmental health department for further information.

  • Emergency spills - phone the Environment Southland Pollution hotline on 0800 768 845
  • Domestic and/or small quantities of hazardous substances (less than 10kg) - dispose of this at a hazardous waste storage shed at a Council transfer station
  • Commercial and/or large quantities of hazardous substances (more than 10kg), agrichemicals, explosives, extinguishers, gas cylinders, paint, asbestos, used oil, batteries, smoke alarms, treated timber, fluorescent tubes – visit the Wastenet website for further information
  • General hazardous waste queries - contact Environment Southland