If your property is within the Invercargill City district boundary, please contact 03 211 1777.

Rubbish and recycling services

Council provides a wheelie bin service for rubbish and recycling to all properties within particular boundaries, usually townships.

The service is also available to people in rural areas en route to the townships, where practicable. The rural service is voluntary and will be provided when requested by the ratepayer. People must take bins to a collection route.

All collection services are contracted out and the wheelie bins remain the property of the contractor, who is responsible for normal wear and tear.

The customer is responsible for providing reasonable security against damage or theft and keeping it clean and tidy. Wheelie bins are assigned to properties so if you move, the wheelie bin stays with the property.

Find out when your wheelie bin is collected.

Yellow bins and recycling

In March 2023, the Government announced that for the very first time, there would be a consistent recycling service across the country as of 1 February 2024.

Having standardised recycling rules will make it easier for people to use our kerbside services and get recycling right.

Items no longer accepted in SDC yellow wheelie bins:

  • Aluminium foil or trays
  • Aerosols (like fly spray or spray deodorant)
  • Lids
  • Small plastics or papers – For containers, please nothing smaller than a hummus pottle, and when it comes to paper – nothing smaller than a Post-It note.
  • Large plastics or metal cans – Anything over 4 litres such as large water dispensers, or large olive oil tins.
  • Only plastics 1, 2, and 5 – look for the triangle on a plastic container to see what type it is.

For more information on the national standardisation programme, see the Ministry for Environment

To see how SDC are approaching this programme in conjunction with ICC; see

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Wheelie bin enquiry

If you have an inquiry relating to wheelie bins you can get in touch using our online form by clicking the button below

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Make a complaint about your bin collection

If you are unhappy about your bin collection or want to make a complaint you can do so online by using the button below. 

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Order a new or additional bin online

Do you need another bin or want to replace an old one? Just use the button below to let us know. If your bin is damaged or stolen, please let us know using the 'Report a bin stolen or damaged online' at the bottom of the page. 

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Stolen or damaged bin

If you need to report a stolen wheelie bin please report the incident to the police by calling 105. You will be sent a police report which you need to attach when you notify us. For stolen or damaged bins use the button below to let us know.

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