Council is offering free building consents for new wood burners in the Winton urban area.

Building consents for heating units lodged between 1 November 2014 - 31 December 2017 will be processed at no charge if they meet National Environmental Standards for emissions and thermal efficiency, to be installed in the Winton Urban Resource Area.

Check if you live in the area [PDF, 1 MB]

Why is Council doing this?

Environment Southland monitoring has shown that Winton is the only township that has come close to exceeding the National Standards for air quality. If Winton did exceed the standards, then a potential consequence could be new rules, such as those in place for Gore and Invercargill.

What is a NES approved Burner?

A NES burner is a home wood burner that meets the national National Environmental Standards for emissions and thermal efficiency. The Ministry for the Environment has more information (external link)

Winton air quality survey results  [PDF, 473 KB]