Community Conversations November 2017 - January 2018

Community conversations provide an opportunity to update you on some of what has been going on at Council and across our District.  Community Conversations are as the name suggests – conversations with the community. Any effective conversation is two way – so we don’t just want you to be listening to what Council is doing – it is just as important we hear from you.

Southland District Council staff and elected members were out and about to continue our Community Conversations with you in November and December 2017. These conversations were about giving you a chance to share your ideas about the District with Council and how the District is governed. 

Many of you attended the conversations in person and we want to continue to hear from you about your views on how you want to be represented in the future. 

If you were unable to attend any of the Community Conversations please take a moment to participate in our online survey. (external link)

Be part of the conversation – people and places are important to us all in the Southland District. 

Community governance project and representation review, what is it all about?

Southland District Council has a Mayor, 12 councillors, eight community boards, each with six members, and 19 community development area subcommittees (CDAs), each with six members. This is a grand total 175 elected members – meaning we have 1 elected representative for 165 residents.  Add to that fact that not everyone in the district is represented by a community board or a CDA and so Council believes we need to look at this.

In April next year Council needs to recommend an option which we will consult on.  However, before that we’d like to have an opportunity to talk to you about what you think. 

This would include:

  • where you see your community of interest
  • the number of councillors and where they should be elected from
  • whether we should have community boards and how many and should they cover the whole of the district