Councils approve changes to Venture Southland’s joint committee

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Southland Mayoral Forum chair Gary Tong will chair the Venture Southland joint committee until the board for the new Southland Regional Development Agency is appointed later this year .

Southland District Council and Invercargill City Council have both agreed to change their appointees to the joint committee, as part of driving the transition through. This means the three appointees, chair Trevor Johnston, Robin Campbell and Tom Campbell, will step down from their roles now, with Mr Tong replacing them.

Mr Tong said the three had provided leadership and great governance to Venture Southland.

“I acknowledge the commitment and direction Trevor, Tom and Robin have given to Venture Southland. Their public service is to be commended,” Mr Tong said.
The joint committee will now be made up of councillors from the three Southland territorial councils.

In April, all four Southland councils agreed a new regional development agency (SRDA) should be established as a Council controlled organisation. This organisation would focus on regional development and would replace Venture Southland. Recruitment for its board is expected to begin soon.

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