Media Release - Vandalism at Edendale an ongoing problem

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Hundreds of dollars is going to waste in Edendale, as Southland District Council battles on-going vandalism at the town’s public toilets.

Council community engineer Kushla Tapper said the public toilets at Seaward Road had been damaged five times this year.

“Pipes have been ripped out repeatedly and we’ve even had somebody smearing human waste all over the walls several times, which obviously isn’t nice for the person who has to clean it,” she said.

“Not only do we have to spend time cleaning and repairing the damage that has been caused, but we have to spend unnecessary dollars doing so.”

Repairing the damaged pipes and making protective barriers alone had cost in the vicinity of $1000.

“We would much rather be spending that money on something meaningful for the community,” she said.

Vandalism has been an ongoing issue at public facilities in the area, with several instances of damage caused to toilets at the recreation reserve a couple of years previously.

“This kind of behaviour needs to stop. If anybody notices any suspicious behaviour or suspicious activity taking place, we would urge them to contact Police immediately. In the meantime, anybody who comes across this kind of damage should report it to Council on 0800 732 732.” 

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