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Weed spraying of vegetation on urban and rural roadsides is due to begin soon. Weed spraying includes the control of rural pest plants and vegetation on footpaths and kerbs, including flaxes and wilding pines.

In the Winton Wallacetown, Mararoa Waimea and Waiau Aparima wards this will start on 14 August 2017 and finish on 25 May 2018.

In the Waihopai Toetoes ward it will begin on 1 September 2017 and finish on or around 31 May 2018.

If you prefer not to have your frontage sprayed please apply to SouthRoads (if you are in the Winton Wallacetown, Mararoa Waimea or Waiau Aparima wards), or to Fulton Hogan (if you are in the Waihopai Toetoes ward), to be added to our No Spray Register. This must be done each year, so if you were on last year’s list you must still apply this year.

To have your property included on the No Spray Register, write an appllication to the addresses below. Please include a plan clearly and accurately showing your boundaries marked "No Spray". Include your contact details.

Applications to be included on the No Spray Register must be submitted to SouthRoads by 13 August 2017, and to Fulton Hogan by 20 August 2017.

Rural applicants must still ensure they keep the road reserve fronting their properties free of noxious weeds and urban applicants must ensure the footpaths and kerb lines are free of vegetation.

An application for inclusion on the No Spray Register is conditional upon the applicant providing written agreement to control their own vegetation to the standard required by Southland District Council. Failure to comply with the requirements for noxious plant control is a breach of this agreement, which will result in the area being sprayed.  

Please submit your SouthRoads application to or post to:

Attention: Stephen Milne
PO Box 968

Please submit your Fulton Hogan application to  or post to:

Fulton Hogan
Attention: Laura Keatley
PO Box 970






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