The next local government election is being held this year - in October.

This is an opportunity to stand for Southland District Council or one of its community boards. As a councillor or board member, you can help shape our District into a better Southland and make a difference in our communities. 

We all have an important part to play in shaping our District’s future.

Whether you’ve decided to stand in this year’s local elections, or you would like more information about Southland District Council to consider when you’re casting your vote, please take the time to look at our Pre-Election Report [PDF, 4.8 MB]. It outlines Council's financial position and some of the key challenges the District faces.

You can stand for Southland District or one of the community boards if you are a New Zealand citizen, aged over 18 and enrolled on the parliamentary electoral roll. Help us shape the future of our district by standing as a candidate. Nominations will open from 19 July 2019.

In order to vote in the elections, you must first be enrolled. If you have moved since October 2016 make sure you are enrolled at your new address. You can do this by visiting the electoral commission on www.elections.org.nz (external link) or ring 0800 36 76 56.

If you live outside Southland District and pay rates on a property in the District, you may qualify as a non-resident ratepayer elector and vote in the District as well as the council area you reside in. You can apply to go on the ratepayer roll by completing the enrolment form for ratepayer electors [PDF, 149 KB].

You can find out more about this year's elections in the Fact Sheet Triennial Election document [PDF, 1.2 MB].

Dates you need to know

2 March to 30 April Ratepayer enrolment
May 2019 National ratepayer roll qualifications and procedures campaign [Sec 39, LEA]
Monday 1 July 2019 Electoral Commission’s enrolment update campaign commences
Wednesday 17 July 2019 Public notice of election, calling for nominations, rolls open for inspection
[Sec 42, 52, 53, LEA]
Friday 19 July Nominations have now closed
Friday 16 August Nominations close at 12 noon
Wednesday 21 August Public notice of election day and candidates’ names
by Monday 16 September 2019 Electoral officer certifies final electoral roll [Sec 51, LEA. Reg 22, LER]
Friday 20 to Wednesday 25 September Delivery of voting papers
Friday 20 September to Saturday 12 October Progressive roll scrutiny [Sec 83, LEA]
Special voting period [Sec 5 LEA, Reg 35, LER]
Early processing period [Sec 80, LEA]
by Friday 11 October 2019 Appointment of scrutineers (12 noon) [Sec 68, LEA]
Saturday 12 October Election day [Sec 10, LEA]
Close of voting (12 noon) [Sec 84, LEA]
Progress and preliminary results available as soon as practicable after close of
voting [Sec 85, LEA]
Saturday 12 October (pm) - Thursday 17 October 2019 Official count [Sec 84, LEA]
Thursday 17 October - Wednesday 23 October 2019 Declaration of result/public notice of declaration [Sec 86, LEA]
mid-December 2019 Return of electoral donations & expenses form [Sec 112A, LEA]

LEA = Local Electoral Act 2001
LER = Local Electoral Regulations 2001

Download the Timetable for the triennial election  [PDF, 337 KB]

If you have any queries regarding this year's election refer to our Election FAQ [PDF, 255 KB] or get in touch using the contact details below. 

Electoral officer:

Dale Ofsoske, 
Independent Election Services Ltd,
PO Box 5135, 
Wellesley Street, 
Auckland 1141
Phone - 0800 922 822
Email - dale.ofsoske@electionservices.co.nz
Website - www.electionservices.co.nz (external link)

Deputy electoral officer:

Clare Sullivan,
Governance and Democracy Manager,
Southland District Council,
15 Forth Street,
PO Box 903,
Invercargill 9840
Phone - 0800 732 732 or 03 211 2502 extn. 3254
Email - elections@southlanddc.govt.nz