2013 Election Results

New Mayor for Southland - Gary Tong Wins Election

Gary Tong has been elected mayor of Southland, according to the results of the 2013 Southland District Council election.


His background includes working for the New Zealand police, search and rescue, as an employee of Southland District Council, manager of Borland Lodge and for Emergency Management Southland.

He is 54 and is the owner of the Invercargill Kiwi Holiday Park with his partner Karen Bellew.

The following candidates have also been elected to the new council:

Mararoa-Waimea Ward (3 councillors)

Brian Dillon

Councillor Brian Dillon is a sixth term councillor for Southland District Council.
Cr Dillon lives in the Mararoa- Waimea Ward area, having lived and farmed all his whole life at Ardlussa.
He is married with three adult children, and spends a considerable amount of time in the Te Anau/Fiordland area where he has owned property for around 20 years.

John Douglas 

Councillor John Douglas is a third term councillor for the Southland District Council.The Northern Southland businessman and farmer lives in the Mararoa-Waimea Ward with his partner June and has two adult children.He was first elected to council in 2007 and has farmed in Mossburn since 1977.

Alistair Jukes

Councillor Alistair Jukes is a first term councillor, representing the Mararoa Waimea Ward.
Cr Jukes has served as a Community Board member for nine years. 
He is married to Joy and has three sons and two grand-daughters.

Stewart Island-Rakiura Ward (1 Councillor)

Bruce Ford

Councillor Ford is serving his third term as a councillor for Southland District Council.
Cr Ford is a long-time Stewart Island resident and lives in Oban with his wife.
He was elected to the Southland District Council in 2007 and has previously served on Council’s predecessor Southland County Council.

Waiau-Aparima Ward (3 councillors)

Stuart Baird

Stuart Baird has been elected as Councillor of the Waiau Aparima Ward area.
Cr Baird is serving his second term for council. He has also previously served as a Councillor for Environment Southland.
He is married to Sue and has three children. He is a sheep farmer at Aparima.

Rodney Dobson

Councillor Rodney Dobson is serving his fourth term on council.
Cr Dobson has been a councillor for Southland District Council since 2004 and lives at Gropers Bush in the Waiau Aparima Ward area.
He and his family farm stud jersey cattle.

George Harpur

George Harpur has been elected as Councillor of the Waiau Aparima Ward area.
Cr Harpur is in his fourth term on council.
He is married to June and has three daughters and seven grandchildren. 

Waihopai-Toetoes Ward (2 Councillors)

Paul Duffy (Deputy Mayor)

Cr Duffy is Deputy Mayor and has been elected as Councillor for the Waihopai Toetoes Ward.
He is serving his fifth term as a Councillor. Cr Duffy has also been a Community Trust of Southland Trustee for eight years and has been involved in a range of community and national organisations.
He is married to Alison and has six children who are involved in the family farm.

Julie Keast 

Julie Keast has been elected as Councillor of the Waihopai Toetoes Ward.
Cr Keast is a first time Councillor for the Southland District. Her background is banking and family farming. She is also involved in a number of community committees. 

Winton-Wallacetown Ward (3 Councillors)

Lyall Bailey

Lyall Bailey has been elected as Councillor of the Winton Wallacetown Ward.
Cr Bailey is in his fifth term on council and was previously chairman of the Winton Community Board for 12 years.
He is married to Lenore and has two children.

Gavin Macpherson 

Councillor Gavin Macpherson is now serving his third term for Southland District Council.
He lives in Waianiwa, in the Winton Wallacetown Ward and is involved in the dairy industry. Cr Macpherson was first elected to Council in 2007.

Neil Paterson 

Neil Paterson has been elected as Councillor of the Winton Wallacetown Ward.
Cr Paterson is a first time Councillor for the Southland District. He has served three terms on the Wallace Community Board from 1998 – 2007, the last of these terms as chairman.
He is 65 years of age, semi-retired and works part time in Winton business and as a volunteer for St John Ambulance.


2013 Election Results

Southland District Mayor

Gary Tong


Paul Duffy                                                                            


 John Douglas                                                                     



Mararoa-Waimea Ward (3 councillors needed) 

John Douglas                                                            


 Alistair Jukes


 Brian Dillon


 Tim  Hanna


Stewart Island-Rakiura Ward (1 councillor needed, no election required)

Bruce Ford



 Waiau-Aparima Ward (3 councillors needed)

Stuart Baird


George Harpur


 Rodney Dobson


Helen McCurdy                                                   



Waihopai-Toetoes Ward (2 councillors needed)

Paul Duffy                                                             


Julie Keast                                                           


Ray McCrostie


 Lyn Gutsell


Winton-Wallacetown Ward (3 councillors needed. No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Lyall Bailey                                


Gavin Macpherson                                  


Neil Paterson                                               



Community Boards

Those names listed in bold are the representatives who have been elected.

Edendale-Wyndham Community Board

Edendale Subdivision (3 candidates needed, no election required)


Lindsay Donald                                            


Denise Marie Fodie                                       




Wyndham Subdivision (3 candidates needed)


Pamela Yorke                                                          


Dean Rabbidge                                                        


Nathan Stewart                            


Stephen Geary                                             


Digger Eunson                                               



 Otautau Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Andre Bekhuis                                                             


Tony Vincent                                                     


Peter Gutsell                                                           


Amber Gerken                                                           


Ken Davidson                                                              


Peter Herrick                                                               


Paul Searancke                                                                  


Edward Blackburn                                                               



Riverton-Aparima Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Blair Stewart                                                                  


Bruce Shields                                                               


Jan Breayley                                                      


Tim Anderson                                           


Andrew Wilson                                                    


Neil Linscott                                                     


Kevin O'Connor Snr                                                               


 Stewart Island-Rakiura Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Anita Geeson                                                                   


Greg Everest                                                           


Jarrod Baird                                                             


Graham Cowley                                                              


Jon Spraggon                                                               


Aaron Conner                                                              


Graham Okey                                                           



Te Anau Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Mark Deaker                                             


Tony O'Loughlin                                                   


Rachel Cockburn                                           


Sarah Greaney                                             


Ann Carran                                                   


Kara Leigh Matheson                     


Stephen Schlaadt                                                


Ted Loose                                                                


Barry Harcourt                                                              


Rebecca Anderson


Mark Dowling                                                                   

 517 (withdrawn)

Shirley Mouat


Mervyn Cave                                                     



Tuatapere Community Board (No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Stephen Crack                                                


Ann Cherie Horrell                                          


Justin Lewis                                                        


Dave Norman                                                     


Jo Sanford                                                           



Wallacetown Community Board (6 candidates needed. No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Shaun Holland                                                    


Peter Laurie                                                       


Isabelle Mulder                                             


Frank Shearing                                     


George Watkinson                                          


Rae Wilson                                                     


Winton Community Board (6 candidates needed. No election, candidates elected unopposed)

Bruce Hughes                                                   


Geoffrey Jukes                                                  


Lynley Mangos                                              


John McHugh                                                     


Doreen McNaught                                              


 Brian Somerville