Proposed District Plan

The District Plan is the guiding document which sets out how land can be used in the Southland District. This ranges from farming activities to business ventures. Changes made through the plan review process will impact on all land use activities that can be carried out in the District.

The Proposed Plan has been through a full public consultation process and there are now only a few provisions that are under appeal. Where an activity relates to a provision that has been appealed, both the Operative (2001) and Proposed (2012) Plan need to be considered to determine whether a consent is required. The rest of the provisions that form the Proposed District Plan can now be applied. 

The Proposed District Plan can be downloaded below. Provisions that have been appealed are highlighted in yellow. 

To work out what rules will apply to your property take a look at The Proposed District Plan maps which show the zone and any relevant features of the property.

If you would like to view any of the historic information relating to the Proposed District Plan (including submissions, summary reports, hearing documentation and any other information not available online), please contact the Resource Management Team on 0800 732 732 or send an email