Council Committees, Boards & Subcommittees

Council and committee meetings are scheduled usually on a Wednesday, every three weeks. You can access agendas and minutes for these meetings online (external link)

Council has 6 committees:


Chair: Mayor Gary Tong
Committee members: Cr Paul Duffy, Cr Gavin Macpherson, Cr Brian Dillon, Cr Ebel Kremer and Cr Julie Keast

Responsible for reviewing the performance of the chief executive and recommending remuneration levels.  To review any indiscretions by Councillors under the Southland District Council Code of Conduct.  To deal with matters of an urgent nature that cannot wait until the next council meeting or specific matters referred to it by Council.  To monitor compliance with the Southland District Council Fraud Policy.

Services and Assets Committee

Chair: Cr Brian Dillon
Committee members: Mayor Tong and All Councillors

Responsible for overseeing Transport, Property management including community facilities, acquisitions and disposals (including land dealings), Forestry, Water supply, wastewater and stormwater; Solid waste management; Flood protection, Waste management, Rural fire management, Te Anau Airport, Stewart Island Jetties and Riverton Harbour Subcommittees and Water supply schemes.

Finance and Audit Committee

Chair: Cr Ebel Kremer
Committee members: Mayor Tong and Cr John Douglas, Cr Paul Duffy and an external member (yet to be appointed)

Purpose is to oversee the performance of the council's activities, both in non-financial and financial terms.

Community and Policy Committee

Chair: Cr Julie Keast
Committee members: Mayor Tong and All Councillors

Responsible for assessing and providing advice on key strategic issues, community development, services of the District’s communities, developing, recommending, monitoring implementation and effectiveness of strategies, plans and policies, developing and approving submissions, advocating Council position to other organisations.  Responsible for monitoring the progress, implementation and effectiveness of work undertaken by Venture Southland, allocation of grants, loan, scholarships and bursaries, International relations and developing an overseeing the implementation of Council’s community engagement and consultation policies and processes.

Te Anau Wastewater Discharge Project Committee

Chairman: Mayor Gary Tong
Members: Cr Ebel Kremer, Rachel Cockburn, Shirley Mouat, Don Mowat (Te Ao Marama), Allan Youldon

Responsible for assisting the Southland District Council to progress the implementation of the Te Anau Wastewater Discharge Project in accordance with the project scope approved by Council and the Deed of Agreement entered into with Fiordland Sewerage Options.

Around the Mountains Cycle Trail Project Subcommittee

Chairman: Cr Brian Dillon
Members: Mayor Gary Tong, Cr Stuart Baird, Cr Julie Keast and Cr Ebel Kremer

Responsible for the role of governance oversight on behalf of the Southland District Council for the completion of the Trail.  The Council will retain the authority to approve the final project budget.

Water Supply Subcommittees:

The council has constituted three Water Supply Subcommittees within the district which are each responsible for the overall governance of the respective water supply scheme in accordance with the policies of council. These subcommittees are:

Te Anau Basin: One member each from Ramparts, Mt York, Takitimu, Kakapo

Five Rivers: Six members plus ward councillor

Matuku: Six members plus ward councillor

Regulatory and Consents Committee of Council

The members are Gavin Macpherson (Chair) the Mayor, Brian Dillon, Paul Duffy, Darren Frazer, Julie Keast, and Neil Paterson 

Public Forum

Each council meeting has a public forum at the start, where members of the public are able to raise issues with the council. If you are wanting to speak in public forum, you must contact the Governance Team on 0800 732 732 at least two working days before the meeting. The subject matter should be disclosed and if presenting with Powerpoint, a paper copy of the presentation needs to be provided to the Governance Team.

Community Boards, Community Development Area Subcommittees & other Subcommittees

Council actively promotes local input into decision-making through its eight community boards - Stewart Island/Rakiura, Winton, Wallacetown, Edendale-Wyndham, Otautau, Riverton/Aparima, Te Anau, Tuatapere - and its 19 community development area subcommittees - Athol, Balfour, Limehills/Centre Bush, Colac Bay, Dipton, Garston, Gorge Road, Lumsden, Manapouri, Mossburn, Nightcaps, Ohai, Orepuki, Riversdale, Thornbury, Tokanui, Waikaia, Woodlands.

Council also has a Community Trust in Milford and other subcommittees include the Stewart Island Jetties Subcommittee, the Riverton Harbour Subcommittee, and 3 Rural Water Supply Subcommittees.

Council Organisations

There are external organisations that Council has representation on.  These are as follows:

Age Concern Southland 

Janet Thomas (Officer)

Destination Fiordland

Cr Ebel Kremer and Cr John Douglas

Discover Fiordland Heritage Trust 

Cr Ebel Kremer

Gore and Districts Community Counselling Centre Inc.

Cr Julie Keast

Milford Sound Development Authority

Steve Ruru (Chief Executive) Jeff Grant (External appointment)

Pioneer Women’s Memorial Trust (Gore)

Cr Julie Keast

Predator Free Rakiura Governance Group 

Bruce Halligan (Officer)

Rakiura Heritage Centre Trust

Cr Bruce Ford

Regional Community Road Safety Network

Joe Bourque (Officer)

Shared Services Forum

Mayor Gary Tong, Cr Brian Dillon and Cr George Harpur

Southland Community Wastebusters Trust

Cr Neil Paterson

Southland Indoor Leisure Centre Charitable Trust 

Steve Ruru (Chief Executive)

Southland Medical Foundation 

Mayor Gary Tong

Southland Regional Heritage Building and Preservation Trust

Cr Paul Duffy (Cr Gavin Macpherson as alternate)

Te Roopu Taiao

Mayor Gary Tong, Cr Paul Duffy

Waiau Working Party

Cr George Harpur

Waituna Partners Group

Cr George Harpur, Cr Paul Duffy, Bruce Halligan (Officer),(Cr Julie Keast alternate)


Joint Committees of the Council

Emergency Management Group

Mayor Gary Tong with Deputy Mayor Paul Duffy as alternate

The purpose of the group is to identify the hazards and risks to be managed by the group and the Civil Defence Emergency Management measures deemed necessary to manage those hazards and risks.

Southland Regional Heritage Committee

Cr Paul Duffy, Cr Gavin Macpherson and Cr Neil Paterson (as alternate)
The purpose of the committee is to establish and preserve the regional heritage of Murihiku/Southland. For more information about the committee contact Venture Southland (03) 211 1400

Southland Regional Land Transport Committee

Cr Brian Dillon (Cr Neil Paterson as alternate)

Venture Southland Advisory Subcommittee

Mayor Gary Tong and Cr Gavin Macpherson and Cr Stuart Baird

Venture Southland Joint Committee

Cr Gavin Macpherson and Cr Stuart Baird (Council representatives)
Mr R Campbell and Ms M Macpherson (Council appointee)

Responsible for the advancement and coordination of activities within the Southland region including, tourism, economic and business development, promotion and marketing of the region, community development and events management.

WasteNet (Waste Management Advisory Group)

Rodney Dobson and Cr Neil Paterson

WasteNet has been developed to encompass waste management issues in Southland.

Council Controlled Organisations

Council Organisations (COs) are those organisations in which the Council is involved by itself or with other local authorities and controls any proportion of voting rights or rights to appoint directors etc.

The council organisations in which the Council is involved are:

Southland Museum & Trust Board

The purpose of the trust board is to maintain, manage and operate a museum and art gallery.

The council has three members on a potential eight member trust board as permitted by the constitution. Representation is by council appointment.

For more information contact the Southland Museum and Art Gallery Invercargill Director - (03) 219 9069,

Community Boards Contacts

Edendale Wyndham Community Board Chair
Pam Yorke
(03) 206 4261

Otautau Community Board Chair
André Bekhuis
(03) 225 8588

Riverton Aparima Community Board Chair
Blair Stewart
(03) 234 8550

Stewart Island Rakiura Community Board Chair
Jon Spraggon
(03) 219 1449

Te Anau Community Board Chair
Rachel Cockburn
(03) 249 8240

Tuatapere Community Board Chair
Margaret Thomas
(03) 226 6104

Wallacetown Community Board Chair
Peter Laurie
(03) 235 8492

Winton Community Board Chair
Brian Somerville
(03) 236 8762