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Cemetery Policy
248 KB
Development and Financial Contributions Policy
1.4 MB
Easter Sunday Shop Trading Policy
657 KB
Gambling Venue Policy
309 KB
Local Alcohol Policy
222 KB
Local Approved Products Policy
2.5 MB
Policy on Dogs 2015
2.7 MB
Remission and Postponement of Rates Policy
582 KB
Reserves Management Policy
306 KB
Roading Policy (2015 revision)
682 KB
Roading Policy 2008 Procedures (2015 revision)
733 KB
Significance & Engagement Policy
430 KB
Stewart Island Rakiura Visitor Levy Policy
658 KB
Agency Venue Policy 2019
118 KB
Early Payments of Rates Policy
170 KB
Remission and postponement of Rates on Maori Freehold Land policy for 10 Year Plan
193 KB
Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) Policy July 2017
The form to request to fly a UAV (drone) in restricted circumstances is available below.
175 KB
Use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Policy (drone) July 2017 - Form to fly in restricted circumstances
Use this form to request permission to fly a drone or unmanned aerial vehicle in restricted circumstances.
190 KB
Alfresco Dining Policy
391 KB
Investment Policy and Liability Management Policy
773 KB
Revenue and Financing Policy 2018-2028 LTP
410 KB
Dangerous Affected and Insanitary Buildings Policy
299 KB
Debt Recovery Policy
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