Media advisory: Flooding and assessment update

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Wyndham residents can return home

This is an official message from Emergency Management Southland.

Residents of Wyndham can return home but are being advised to be very careful driving as there is significant damage to roads and bridges surrounding the town. There is no direct road access from Edendale or Mataura and if people are not in the local area, they will not be able to get home to Wyndham.

The stopbanks alongside the Mataura River held back the floodwaters so there is unlikely to be flood water in the town. There is, however, likely to be damage to infrastructure so Wyndham residents are asked to restrict water and toilet use. Southland District Council teams are assessing this today.

The town of Mataura remains cut off with cordons in place until emergency teams have completed assessments of flooding and infrastructure damage. People are advised not to attempt to travel to or through Mataura on SH1, SH93 or SH96.

Emergency Management Southland controller Bruce Halligan said he realised that people were very keen to get back to their homes.

“Our first concern is for people’s safety. People should take care when driving and keep away from flooded areas.”

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