Media release: District residents warned to avoid rates scam

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Southland residents are being urged to be cautious about a rates scam reported in some parts of the District.

Chief executive Steve Ruru said Council had been made aware of some residents receiving visits from a person claiming rates for their properties were overdue, and requesting they make their payments in cash immediately.

Reports of the scam have so far come from the Otautau, Nightcaps and Ohai areas.

“We have been made aware of this happening in some parts of our District and we would encourage residents to report anything that sounds dodgy to both Council and police immediately,” Mr Ruru said.

“If rates payments are overdue, property owners in the District will be sent invoices reminding them to pay their rates. They will not be visited by somebody demanding cash payments door-to-door.”

Police have been notified and anybody approached to pay for rates in cash should take note of as many details about the person as possible, in order to assist with identifying those responsible

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