Media release: SDC seeks feedback from residents

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A survey to be conducted by Southland District Council this month will give residents a chance to share their opinions.

SDC planning and reporting analyst Shannon Oliver said the survey was part of Council’s on-going commitment to actively seek public opinion and involvement.

“We have a responsibility to track how well our efforts are carrying through to our residents. The best way to do this is to interview a representative cross-section of residents and to have this done by an independent professional group to ensure impartiality,” she said.

National Research Bureau, an independent research company offering specialised services to Local Authorities throughout New Zealand, has been commissioned to undertake the survey and report to the Council.

Using a random selection method, residents from all five wards of the District will be telephoned and asked their opinion on a list of services and issues related to the Council itself. Questioning will also focus on the services Council delivers to residents of Southland. An online survey has also been included as a part of the overall survey methodology.

Interviewing for the survey commences on Friday 12 June, and is expected to be completed on Monday 22 June.

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