Media release: Southland District Council’s building solutions team is 100% electronic

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Council’s new GoGet software went live on 6 May, giving the team the final tool that enables full electronic submission and processing of building consent applications. This means the old paper building forms are being phased out.

Electronic processing of building consent applications enables our building solutions team to provide you with better service and support.

The benefits to you of applying electronically include:

  • electronic form guidance about what needs to be included in your submission
  • the ability to create a ‘template’ submission and re-use it, saving time and effort
  • visibility on the processing clock as it is seen by Council
  • immediate electronic receipt of requests for information (RFIs) sent by Council
  • indisputable receipt of Council receiving your response to RFIs, preventing time delays.

From 1 July Council will charge a $70 fee for scanning paper building consent applications. The ability to submit paper files is still available but from 1 July electronic submission and processing will be Southland District Council’s primary way of doing business.

If you have some doubts or concerns about submitting forms electronically, we’re offering you the option of booking a support phone call or video conference with a member of our team who will talk you through the process. We’re happy to provide guidance and support as we enter this new way of working.

Our inspection record process has also changed to provide greater support to the community. Customers will now receive a ‘Site Notice’ for inspections that either pass or fail. These notices look and feel quite different. A sample copy is attached [PDF, 664 KB].

Finally, we would like to thank the community for the overwhelmingly positive response we received to our open letter about the challenges our team faced in the days after resuming building inspections following the COVID-19 lockdown. Your patience and understanding were greatly appreciated.

As a result of us reaching out some contractor companies were able to offer us extra help. We have already engaged three inspectors who are helping us with inspections.

Going forward, when you respond to an RFI or make a new application, you will use the Simpli Portal. Questions to our building solutions team, whether for support with the Simpli Portal, or inquiries that do not relate to an application, should be sent only to the email address set up for this purpose:

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