Oraka Aparima Community Board by-elections

As the result of a recent resignation, an extraordinary vacancy has occurred in the Oraka Aparima Community Board of the Southland District Council.

A by-election is now required to be held for one vacancy for the Oraka Aparima Community Board on Thursday 2 September 2021.

We are now seeking nominations for the vacancy. If more than one candidate is nominated we will hold an election.

The by-election will be conducted by postal vote under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and will be undertaken by Election Services, under contract to Southland District Council.

Oraka Aparima Community Board

The Oraka Aparima Community Board has seven members, including SDC councillor Karyn Owen. With the next local body election to be held in October 2022 the new board member will be committing to just over a year in the role.

The by-election will be conducted by postal vote under the provisions of the Local Electoral Act 2001 and the Local Electoral Regulations 2001 and will be undertaken by Election Services, under contract to Southland District Council.

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Oraka Aparima Community Board nomination paper [PDF, 361 KB]

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By-election timetable


Nominations for the one vacancy open on Wednesday 9 June 2021 and close at noon on Wednesday 7 July 2021.

Nomination papers will be available during this period from:

To be eligible to stand for election, a candidate must be:

  • a New Zealand citizen (by birth or naturalisation ceremony)
  • enrolled as a Parliamentary elector (anywhere in New Zealand)
  • nominated by two electors whose names appear on the electoral roll in the Oraka Aparima Community Board of Southland District Council.

Electoral roll

Those eligible to vote in the by-election are all resident electors and non-resident ratepayer electors whose names appear on the electoral roll when it closes on Wednesday 7 July 2021.

The Preliminary Electoral Roll will be available for public inspection from
Wednesday 9 June 2021 to Wednesday 7 July 2021 at the above locations.

Resident Roll: All parliamentary electors, including those on the Māori Electoral Roll, are automatically enrolled on the Resident Roll, at the address where they live.

Any alterations to the Resident Roll (eg change of address details, including new postal addresses) should be made by: 

  • completing the appropriate form at any postal agency
  • phoning 0800 ENROLNOW (0800 367 656)
  • accessing the Electoral Commission website on www.vote.nz (external link)

Ratepayer Roll

If a person is on the parliamentary roll in one area and pays rates on a property in another area, this person may be eligible to be enrolled on the non-resident ratepayer roll.

A firm, company, corporation or society paying rates on a property may
nominate one of its members or officers as a ratepayer elector (provided the nominated person resides outside the area). Ratepayer Roll enrolment forms are available at all Council offices, or by phoning the electoral office on 0800 922 822.

Electoral system

The first past the post (FPP) electoral system will be used for the Oraka Aparima Community Board by-election. Candidate names will appear in random order on the voting document.

Voting period

Should there be more than one candidate nominated voting will take place.

Voting documents will be sent to all eligible electors, by post, from Wednesday 11 August 2021. 

The voting period is three weeks (Wednesday 11 August 2021 to noon Thursday 2 September 2021). Electors may post their completed voting documents back to the electoral officer using the orange pre-paid envelope sent with their voting document.

Completed voting documents can also be hand-delivered to:

  • Council’s Principal Office, 15 Forth Street, Invercargill
  • Riverton Area Office, 117 Palmerston Street, Riverton

To be counted, all completed voting documents must be in the hands of the electoral  officer or an electoral official by noon Thursday 2 September 2021. 

Preliminary results will be known as soon as they are available after the close of voting on by-election day, and final results (including approved special votes) will be available later that afternoon.

All results will be posted here.

Contact us

For further information regarding this election, please contact the electoral office:
Dale Ofsoske, Electoral Officer 
Southland District Council
C/o PO Box 5135, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142

Email: info@electionservices.co.nz
Phone: 0800 922 822