Local government elections are held every three years to determine who will be Southland’s mayor, councillors and community board members.

Voting for this year’s elections will open on Friday 16 September 2022 and close at 12 noon on Saturday 8 October 2022.

If you’re enrolled, we will send you voting papers in the mail.

Key Dates

15 July - Nominations for standing for Council and community boards open

12 August - Nominations close

16 September - Voting opens – papers will be posted out from this day

8 October - Voting closes at 12 noon


Keep up to date on nominations received

Nominations opened on 15 July 2022.

To view the nominations that have been received for the positions of Mayor, Councillor and Community Board members, please click the link below:

Nominations (external link)  

Nominations are open until 12 noon on 12 August 2022.


Pre-Election Report

This report explains the key work that Council has been doing for the past three years and sets out the high-level issues we will be managing in the next three years.

Pre-election report 2022 [PDF, 16 MB] 


What is Southland District Council?

Find out how Council works.

Why should you stand?

Become part of our future.

Why you should vote?

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How is Council made up?

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Life as an elected member

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Candidacy and Nomination

Candidacy handbook and nomination forms.