2016 elections results

Tong returned as Mayor for second term

Gary Tong has been re-elected as Mayor of Southland District Council for his second term.

In final results, Tong received 6917 votes to Steve Fagerlund’s 888. Fagerlund had announced he no longer wished to stand after the nominations closed, so his name remained on the voting papers.

Tong said he was very pleased to be Mayor for a second term and was looking forward to leading a very focused council through the next three years.

“I am really looking forward to meeting the challenges we have and taking Southland District forward. We want to build on the work the Southland Regional Development Strategy is doing and learn from the past three years.

“We have some new councillors and I am keen to get to know them and their interests. I want to take the time, too, to acknowledge the work that the two retiring councillors, Lyall Bailey and Rodney Dobson, did for Southland District,” Mr Tong said.

Complete final results for Council and Community Board representatives are listed below. Successful candidates are highlighted in bold. 


Southland District Mayor (election required)

Gary Tong (6917)
Steve Fagerlund (888)


Mararoa-Waimea Ward (3 councillors needed) 

John Douglas
Ebel Kremer
Brian Dillon

Stewart Island-Rakiura Ward (1 councillor needed, election required)

Bruce Ford (123)
Jon Spraggon (86)


Waiau-Aparima Ward (3 councillors needed)

George Harpur
Nicholas Perham
Stuart Baird


Waihopai-Toetoes Ward (2 councillors needed)

Paul Duffy
Julie Keast

Winton-Wallacetown Ward (3 councillors needed, election required)

Neil Paterson (1820)
Darren Frazer (1686)
Gavin MacPherson (1578)
Roger Hamilton (1505)


Community Boards

Te Anau Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Kara Matheson
Mary Chartres
Sarah Greaney
Rachel Cockburn
Anthony O'Loughlin
Shaun Cantwell

Stewart Island Rakiura Community Board (6 candidates needed, election required)

Steve Lawrence (158)
Greg Everest (137)
Bruce Ford (127) *WITHDRAWN due to election to Council 
Anita Geeson (126)
Jon Spraggon (124)
Dale Chittenden (121)
Aaron Conner (109)
Graham Okey (98)
Graham Cowley (76)

Riverton Aparima Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Blair Stewart
Graeme Stuart
Neil Linscott
Jan Breayley
Corey Mennell
Andrew Wilson

Tuatapere Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Margaret Thomas
Maurice Green

Simon Blayne De Vries
Joanne Sanford
Stephen Crack

Otautau Community Board (6 candidates needed, election required)

Andre Bekhuis (315) 
Peter Gutsell (288)
David Cowie (283)
Maureen Johnston (264)
Amber Joyce (219)
Bill Marshall (210)
Barry Drake (175)
Gretchen Wilson (158)
Peter Herrick (151)
Eddie Blackburn (54)


Winton Community Board (6 candidates needed, election required)

Doreen McNaught (1085)
Brian Somerville (1035)
Natasha Mangels (988)
Geoffrey Jukes (872)
Neville McPherson (728)
Peter Schmidt (606)
Phil Garaway (432)

Wallacetown Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Peter Laurie
Trina Eade
Francis Shearing
Treena Symons
Anthony Billyard
Raeburn Wilson

Edendale Wyndham Community Board (6 candidates needed)

Melanie Shepherd (Wyndham subdivision)
Pamela Yorke (Wyndham subdivision)
Denise Fodie (Edendale subdivision)
Andrew Roy (Edendale subdivision)