10 Year Plan (Long Term Plan)

The 10 year plan provides an opportunity for Council to take a long term view of our activities, their impact on the District, and on present and future communities.

Council is required to have a 10 year plan in place at all times as it is the primary way Council is held accountable to its communities. The plan describes the activities and service levels Council intends to provide and sets out the accompanying budgets. It also highlights key issues the District is facing and the strategies intended to address these. 

The 10 Year Plan 2018-2028 was adopted by Council on Wednesday, 20 June 2018.

Council received 159 written submissions on its draft 2018-2028 Long Term Plan, draft Revenue and Financing Policy and draft Development and Financial Contributions Policy. To find out more, and to download individual submissions, go to the Submissions page.  

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10 Year Plan 2018-2028
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