Annual Plan 2019/2020

Greetings, and thanks for taking the time to look at Southland District Council’s Annual Plan 2019/2020 [PDF, 10 MB]. This is year two of Council’s Long Term Plan 2018-2028, titled ‘We’re just getting started, Southland’, and we’re pleased to report our work programme is on track with what we said we’d do in that document.

Our focus remains firmly on the future

There are no significant changes in the work scheduled or deviations in budgeted spending from what was outlined in our Long Term Plan (LTP). This is why in developing this Annual Plan we have opted not to engage with you in a formal consultation process.

The key work scheduled to happen in 2019/2020 has been well signalled and discussed already, and your feedback was taken on board during the preparation of the 2018-2028 LTP.

As described in the LTP, our focus remains firmly on the future of Southland District in this coming financial year – and many years beyond.