District Plan

The District Plan explains how Council will manage land use in the Southland District. It outlines what activities you can do as of right, what activities you need resource consent for, and how certain activities may be carried out. It covers things like the location and height of buildings, gravel extraction, subdividing land and removal of indigenous vegetation.

The District Plan was made operative on 22 January 2018.

The District Plan is subject to regular changes and updates, the tables below provide details of updates to the plan along with any Plan Changes that are currently being processed.

Date of revision


Approved by

Approval date

November 2018

National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry Regulations 2017 - Allignment

Record of changes [PDF, 256 KB]

Regulatory and Consents Committee

Regulation came into force 1 May 2018

Committee meeting 10 May 2018


Date of public notification



December 10 2020

Public Notice of making operative Plan Change 1 - Dark Skies

Public notice [PDF, 154 KB]


You can access the individual sections of the district plan by clicking on the links below. The files will download as PDFs.

District Plan sections

Latest revision

1. Introduction.pdf (external link)  
2.1 Tangata Whenua.pdf (external link)  
2.2 Biodiversity.pdf (external link) November 2018 revision [PDF, 143 KB] 
2.3 Natural Features and Landscapes.pdf (external link)  
2.4 Coastal Environment.pdf (external link)  
2.5 Historic Heritage.pdf (external link)  
2.6 Subdivision.pdf (external link)  
2.7 Natural Hazards.pdf (external link)  
2.8 Waste Hazardous Substances and Contaminated Land.pdf (external link) November 2018 revision [PDF, 180 KB]
2.9 Energy Minerals and Infrastructure.pdf (external link)  
2.10 Transportation.pdf (external link)  
2.11 Noise.pdf (external link)  
2.12 Signage.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 293 KB]
2.13 Water and Surface Water Activities.pdf (external link)  
2.14 Financial Contributions.pdf (external link)  
3.1 Rural Zone.pdf (external link) November 2018 revision [PDF, 444 KB]
3.2 Urban Zone.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 728 KB]
3.3 Te Anau Residential Zone B.pdf (external link)  
3.4 Industrial Zone.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 221 KB]
3.5 Fiordland Rakiura Zone.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 322 KB] 
3.6 Eweburn Zone.pdf (external link)  
4 Definitions.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 467 KB]
5.1 Statutory Acknowledgements, Nohoanga, Topuni.pdf (external link)  
5.2 Historic Heritage.pdf (external link)  
5.3 Designations.pdf (external link)  
5.4 Rivers and Streams Requiring Esplanade Mechanisms.pdf (external link)  
5.5 Stewart Island Rakiura Airport Approach Vectors.pdf (external link)  
5.6 Edendale Dairy Plant Industrial Development Concept Plan.pdf (external link)  
5.7 Stewart Island Rakiura Industrial Development Concept Plan.pdf (external link)  
5.7A Winton Industrial Development Concept Plan.pdf (external link)  
5.8 NES for Assessing and Managing Contaminants in Soil.pdf (external link)  
5.9 Significant Geological Sites and Landforms.pdf (external link)  
5.10 Guidelines for Buildings in the Stewart Island Rakiura Urban Zone.pdf (external link) August 6 2020 [PDF, 88 KB] 
5.11 State Highway and Regional Arterial Roads.pdf (external link)  
5.12 Hazardous Substances Table.pdf (external link)  
5.13 Wilding Tree Map.pdf (external link)  
5.14 Accidental Discovery Protocol.pdf (external link)  
5.15 Woodlands Agricultural Research Farm.pdf (external link)  
5.16 Eweburn Zone Outline Development Plan.pdf (external link)  
6.1 Information for Resource Consents.pdf (external link)  

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