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A detailed business plan for the consented treated wastewater discharge scheme at the Kepler block will be developed by Southland District Council staff, after Council decided to move forward at its meeting today.

Council is keeping the door open, however, for another option for the treatment and discharge and is creating a process, including criteria, for identifying possible sites.

Council Mayor Gary Tong said Council is very aware of the discontent in Te Anau and Manapouri around the plan to discharge treated wastewater from Te Anau at the Kepler block.

However, it is also very aware of the feedback from other stakeholders, such as iwi, Fish and Game and others, which supports the consented option, and also the timeframes available in terms of ensuring Council maintains a consented discharge.

“We need to move forward so the business case will develop the in-depth detail needed, including looking at the options for treatment, but we are listening to the community as well. The criteria will be available within three months and if people have ideas of alternative sites, they can approach us,” Mr Tong said.

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