Southlanders urged to think about water usage

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Southlanders are being encouraged to pro-actively manage their water usage to reduce the chance of restrictions this summer.

Southland District Council strategic water and waste manager Ian Evans said that with the predictions of another warm summer it is timely to reinforce the need to manage water usage in the south.

“We are lucky in many ways as we have not had to have severe restrictions in the past, but conditions are changing and while restrictions are always a last resort everyone has a part to play in ensuring we don’t need to introduce them,” Mr Evans said.

He encourages Southland residents to think about how they use water, particularly treated water.

“If we conserve water now and make it a habit, then Council will be better able to manage the peak demands in summer.”

Low-level restrictions of hand-held hose watering have worked well as Southlanders have managed their water usage. However, there have been calls to ensure there are no restrictions again this year.

“It is not practicable to manage peak water usage by applying for a permit to increase our water take each time we reach that level, nor is it good environmental practice,” Mr Evans said.

He recommends some easy water conservation tools to manage water usage. They are:
• turning off the tap while brushing teeth
• using water-saving toilets
• installing a water-saving shower head
• taking shorter showers
• fixing household water leaks
• using less water when cleaning
• not using unattended sprinklers
• reporting any leaks
• restricting handheld watering to cooler parts of the day such as early morning or later in the evening.

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