Media Relesae: Te Anau community encouraged to provide feedback on town’s future

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People who live in and visit Te Anau are being called on to be part of shaping the town’s future.

Te Anau Community Board chair Rachel Cockburn said the board was calling for feedback from residents, holiday homemakers, and domestic and international visitors alike on how they wanted to see Te Anau developed over the next 10 years.

“This is everybody’s chance to have their say on the direction they think our town should take in the future,” she said.

“Te Anau is a fantastic place to live, work and play, and we want to keep it that way. We all need to continue to build on our town’s strengths and on work that has been done before. “The Te Anau community has always been pro-active and has made things happen for itself because of that. This is the next step in planning and will build on previous concept plans and the Let’s Go Te Anau project, which were largely successful,”” Mrs Cockburn said.

“Te Anau is a thriving and vibrant place to be and the community board wants to know what matters to you, and what you think we could do together to make Te Anau even better.”

Those with suggestions are encouraged to list their ideas on noticeboards around the town, put their ideas in suggestion boxes around town, email, or add their comments to the Southland District Council Facebook page, she said.

The feedback process would add to work that had already been done in the past on developing concept plans and the Let’s Go project for Te Anau’s future, she said.

“The community planning exercises that have already been done were comprehensive and a lot of engagement work was carried out. Many of the ideas from these plans have been carried out, but there is still more to do.

“Together, the strategies identified in this community planning and the feedback we get through this process will form a concerted, joint approach towards planning for our community’s wellbeing in the next 10 years.”

Some of the ideas that had been discussed so far included developing the lakefront, improving the entrance to the town, further development of Lions Park, a main street revamp and creating a cohesive town brand.

“Our goal is to ensure we cope with tourism pressure well while retaining the community feel. This is currently what makes Te Anau unique and we need to look after this point of difference,” she said.

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