Property inspection

When Southland District Council receives a licence application, a dog control officer will check your property to see if:

  • It is appropriate for the size, breed and number of dogs there
  • The dogs are kept in clean, sanitary conditions and adequate exercise, food, water and shelter (from the wind, rain and sun) is provided
  • The dogs are properly confined to the property
  • The dogs do not pose a threat to the neighbourhood and they are not causing a nuisance (the breed or type of dogs will be considered as part of this and the dog control officer will also check if there is a history of complaints against any of the dogs)

Neighbourhood feedback

A dog control officer may speak with your immediate neighbours, including those at the back of your property and next to your driveway. 

If they raise any concerns, the officer will investigate why and try to resolve them.

Probationary & disqualified owner

If one of the dog owners on a property is a probationary or disqualified owner, Council will not issue a licence to increase the number of dogs.