Dispensation to keep animals

Applying for a dispensation to keep animals

The Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees Bylaw 2010

Council’s Keeping of Animals, Poultry and Bees Bylaw 2010 (the Bylaw) regulates the keeping of animals in the district. 

If you want to do something that isn’t permitted in the bylaw, you will have to apply to Council for dispensation. To do this, you need to:

  • Complete and return this form [PDF, 195 KB]
  • pay the one-off $292 application fee (including GST)
  • ask all your neighbours within 50 metres of the property boundary to sign an affected approvals form [PDF, 160 KB]
  • provide a plan of the location showing its boundaries
  • provide a written statement from the chair or deputy chair of your Community Board or Community Development Area subcommittee, advising there is no objection to the application (space provided in application form).

Qualifying criteria

Once you have made your application, an animal control officer will inspect your property and assess it against these criteria:

  • It is appropriate for the type and number of animals proposed
  • steps to ensure sanitary conditions
  • arrangements for exercise, food, water and shelter
  • the animals are properly confined to the property
  • the animals are prevented from damaging neighbouring properties

Granting of dispensations

Dispensations are granted if Council is satisfied that the keeping of animals will not create more than a minor effect on the neighbourhood. A dispensation may be granted even if you are unable to get all neighbour approvals.

A dispensation is issued to the property, and is transferable in the event that there is a change of ownership of the property.

There is no right of appeal to the decision to grant or decline an application.

Dispensations are granted with no time limits. A person who is granted dispensation can keep the animals at the property indefinitely, provided they continue to comply with the conditions in the dispensation.

Dispensation conditions

All dispensations are granted with conditions. Examples include:

  1. Animals must not cause any noise problems for neighbours
  2. animals receive adequate food and water
  3. sufficient and proper housing must be provided if required by a Code of Practice from the Ministry for Primary Industries.
  4. removal of animal droppings regularly so that they do not cause a nuisance to others
  5. animals must not cause any damage to neighbouring property
  6. animals must not create a nuisance. Examples of nuisances are offensive conditions, or an accumulation of material that may harbour vermin.

When a dispensation becomes invalid

Once you have a dispensation, you will need to reapply if:

  • You move to another property and wish to keep animals at your new property, and the animals are not permitted at the new property under the bylaw; or
  • you change the number or type of animals that were granted under the dispensation.

If you do not meet the conditions in the dispensation then you may need to remove the animals from the property

More information

Contact an Environmental Health Officer on 0800 732 732 if you have any queries

Dispensation Forms

Application for dispensation to keep animals [PDF, 195 KB]

Affected person(s) written approval [PDF, 160 KB]