Check Sheets

Select the right check sheets from the below list for your building work.

If you are not sure what you need to select, please phone 0800 732 732 and ask to speak to the building department. 

If you are a building professional acting as an agent for a home owner, only "Form2" and "Form 2H" are required with your application. We ask home builders to use the Step by Step Guide on this site and all check sheets relevant to your project are required with your application.

If you select Specified Systems please use the link below to access the Specified Systems Matrix. This is intended to be used in conjunction with the check sheets.

Specified Systems Matrix (external link)

Description File Size Download
(Select All)
Building Consent Lodgement Check Sheet (Please use this to make sure the information for your building consent is correct or it will be returned)
1.1 MB
Access Routes Commercial
270 KB
Access Routes Residential
182 KB
Application for CCC
460 KB
Building Act
204 KB
Certificates for Public Use
237 KB
Concrete Masonry Walls / Retaining Walls
223 KB
Concrete Slab Footings / Reinforcing
247 KB
Energy Efficiency
149 KB
General Building Requirements Commercial
665 KB
General Building Requirements Residential
583 KB
Industrial Liquid Waste commercial only
144 KB
Oil Fired Burner
247 KB
On Site Waste Water Disposal
311 KB
Protection from Fire Commercial
519 KB
Protection from Fire Residential
264 KB
Roof Cladding
210 KB
Roof Framing
257 KB
Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage
257 KB
SED Design Projects
117 KB
Solid Fuel Burner
121 KB
Solid Waste
150 KB
Specified Systems
Zip Archive of check sheets and forms that require advanced understanding of the Building Code and building practices.
4.6 MB
188 KB
Sub-floor Framing including Decks
402 KB
Suspended timber floor including addict space floors
202 KB
Swimming Pools
218 KB
Unlined Garage Pole Shed / steel framing out building SED design Outbuilding
222 KB
Wall Bracing
233 KB
Wall Framing Lower of Two Stories including Supporting Attic Space
304 KB
Wall Framing Single Story or Upper Story
288 KB
Wall Cladding
667 KB
Water Supply
206 KB