COVID-19 - Booking an inspection under level 2 & 3

We’ve heard a lot of frustration in the building community as work resumed under Alert Level 3. There’s been an expectation that our building team would have been able to deal with your consent applications as fast as they came in. We’ve done our best, but the reality is we’re up against it.

We have a reduced workforce, with some building inspectors vulnerable and unable to get on the road, and no access to contractors outside the region.

We’ve had to absorb extra admin into our small team because of the paperwork around building site health and safety plans, and in the first week under Alert Level 3 we had 122 applications to process.

Our inspectors are pulling crazy hours trying to meet your expectations.

We’re not trying to make excuses. We really want to help you get your building work consented and up and running. We’re frustrated, too, that we’re not able to go any faster.

We’re asking for patience and a little compassion as our team works very hard to get through a huge backlog of work and give you the level of service you deserve.

Please bear with us. We’re doing the best we can at a stressful time. 

To book your inspection and provide your site health and safety plan, please email us at:

Thank you.

Under alert level 2 and 3 our building control team have resumed carrying out building inspections, following strict protocols and health and safety guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health.

We will be taking booking requests for building inspections, but inspections will not be scheduled until we are comfortable that your building site complies with the COVID-19 safety requirements set out by the ministry.

The 72-hour booking timeframe will also not be in place under Alert Level 2 and 3 due to the increased safety protocols required.

Pre-inspection steps

Before Council will take a request for an inspection, you must provide us with a COVID 19 Construction Protocol Health and Safety Plan for each site that you are asking inspectors to attend.

This has been referred to as a business plan by other groups and will detail the steps that are being taken onsite to ensure safety to all visitors and contractors onsite. Below are helpful links to protocols from industry groups.

You can upload your COVID 19 Construction Protocol Health and Safety Plan while making an inspection booking request using the facility at the bottom of this page or if you haven't got the plan ready at the time of booking you can email it to

Once received, it will be reviewed by Council to ensure that we are confident it will provide the necessary level of safety for our staff. If we feel that it does not reach the standard required, you will be able to update your plan and submit a new version. Once accepted, we will get in touch to schedule your inspection.

Where to start

We believe the following links will provide greater insight into working under Alert Level 2 and 3:

SDC COVID-19 site access business plan [PDF, 1.1 MB]

New Zealand COVID-19 Construction Protocols (external link)

Building performance website (external link)

The webinar below has been found to be useful by our staff. 


SDC COVID-19 inspections under Alert Level 3 webinar Q&A session 


Answer the questions below to request an inspection booking

booking a building consent inspection

Are you the agent for the building work or a professional engaged by the owner to perform work?

2. Are you a home owner requesting a final inspection / heater inspection where the professional you engaged to perform the work will not be returning to site?

Do you still access the site for ongoing building work, or is all work complete?

Does somebody reside in the building?