Step by Step Guide

This Guide is designed for home owners who want to manage building projects by themselves. The guide takes you through the building consent process one step at a time, from deciding whether you need a consent or if you need help from a Licensed Building Practitioners through to the final inspection. 

Managing a building project can be a daunting undertaking and if you have never attempted such a project before it can be a steep learning curve.

This guide is designed to make the process easier for you. The Building team here at Southland District Council are committed to help you get it right. So if you feel you need additional help please don't hesitate to contact us on 0800732 732 to arrange a meeting. 

If you already have a consent but need to make minor changes to the original plan you might not need a new consent. 

Minor variations are changes that do not usually affect compliance with the building code e.g. changes to types of taps, the position of kitchen joinery, and non-structural walls or doors. You will need to provide information to record the change however it is not necessary to complete a new building consent application form. This may be able to be approved on site by the inspector.
There will be a cost involved in approving the minor variation. Minor variations should be applied for on the minor variation form. 

Minor Variation Form [PDF, 203 KB]