Building an Unlined Garage / Pole Shed

Step 1 – Complete the below check sheet:

Unlined Garage / Pole Shed Check Sheet [PDF, 222 KB]

Step 2 – Complete the application form

Form 2 Checklist  [PDF, 169 KB]
Form 2 H Checklist [PDF, 437 KB]
Form 2 Building Consent Application [PDF, 587 KB]
Guidance Notes on Building Code Clauses [PDF, 239 KB] [Assists with completing Box 8 (Page 3) on Form 2] 

Step 3 – Submit your application

In person at the counter (please print all of the above and submit with your plans)

Via NZ post (please print all of the above and submit with your plans)

Step 4 – Council Assess your application

We ensure that you have provided the document name and page number for all information required on the relevant check sheets. When all information is found to be complete and correct Council will issue a consent to begin work OR, if incomplete, ask you for more information to comply with the Building Act.

We will also check:

Building Act Check Sheet [PDF, 204 KB]   (internal use only)

Step 5 – Request Inspections (as needed)

Your building consent will tell you the number and type of required inspections for your building work. If you need more than one inspection, ensure you contact Council via the website and request an inspection when you have completed each stage of work that relates to a required inspection.

When your inspection takes place, the Building Inspector will either verbally approve your work or allow you to continue, or issue an Inspection Outcome Notice (Form 40 issued by SDC during an inspection) requesting corrective actions to be undertaken. Please refer to the Building Compliance Information Booklet (BCIB) section 4.5 [PDF, 950 KB] for more information.

Step 6 – Apply for CCC ( Code Compliance Certificate)

After your Unlined Garage / Pole Shed  is built and you are ready for your final inspection, you need to apply for a Code Compliance Certificate. 

You will receive a Form 6 with your Building Consent. It will look like this: FORM-6-SHARED-V1 [PDF, 874 KB] 

Please use the Application for CCC Check Sheet [PDF, 460 KB]  to assist you with filling out the above form. 

Page 1 contact information will be pre-populated for you. As the customer, you or your agent will need to correctly complete the remainder of the form and attach all requested documents, then send it, fully signed and dated, to SDC.

Step 7 – Council Inspect the Work Completed & Issue a CCC or Inspection Outcome Notice

Once the form has been received, it will be reviewed to ensure it has been correctly completed. Council will verify that all remedial work has been actioned via a returned, completed Inspection Outcome Notice, and then a final inspection will be arranged.

NOTE: The customer or their agent need to ensure that the full set of approved plans and specifications are on site at the time of the arranged inspection. These will not be brought by the Building Inspector.