Building consent process

The Building Team are currently managing a backlog of Building Consent applications, product substitution amendment applications and a bulk of RFI responses.

As a result some applicants are experiencing delays. Contractor support is being engaged to assist and we will be doing everything we can to get through the volume of consents as quickly as possible to reduce the backlog.

If your project is one of the ones affected please be assured we will be getting to it as soon as possible.

As a team we appreciate the industry's support and understanding to help us get through this peak and thank you for being good folk to work with.”

For all inspection enquiries, please email us at

A building consent is the formal approval issued by a building consent authority stating that certain works, if properly constructed in accordance with the plans and specifications, comply with the New Zealand Building Act, the Building Code and all other applicable regulations under the Building Act specific to buildings.

You cannot undertake any building work which requires a building consent without this approval. Most building work requires a consent but some minor work is exempt under schedule one of the Act.

To find out if you require a building consent, follow the link to the MBIE guidance document: Building work that does not require a building consent (external link) .

If a building consent is required, or you wish to obtain one for work which would be exempt, it must be granted before any work can be started.

The granting of a building consent is conditional on enabling the building work to be inspected.

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Building Consent Types

The various types of building consents.


Replicate the same or substantially similar buildings several times.

Certificate of Acceptance

If building work was done without a building consent.

Amend your Building Consent

When work will differ from the original plans.

Commercial Building

If the building is for commerical use.

Change of Use

If the use of the building has changed.

Alterations to Building (Section 112)

How do alterations affect the building’s compliance.

Certificate of Public Use

Publicly accessed building without CCC.

Withdrawing a building consent

An applicant may choose not to continue with an application for a building consent at any time following submission.


How much will my Building Consent cost? This depends on the nature of the work. See section 7 of our Schedule of Fees and Charges.

How do I know if the work I want to do, can be done? You would be best to apply for a PIM, please see our section on PIMs.

How long is my Building Consent valid for? The Building Act provides that if work to which the consent relates hasn’t started within 12 months from the date of the issue of the consent, the consent will lapse and be of no effect. This means that you will need to apply for a new consent if you wish to start that work. You may apply for an extension of time if your project is delayed. If a CCC application has not been made by the 2 year anniversary of the grant of the building consent, the BCA is required to make a decision on whether or not to issue a CCC. See the CCC Decisions page for more information. 

How long will my building consent take to process? Council has a 20 working day statutory timeframe. We will always try to get consents out before this timeframe providing all information supplied is sufficient.