Building guides and forms

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Application for Certificate of Acceptance (Form 8)
302 KB
Application for certificate of Public Use (Form 15
294 KB
Application for Code Compliance Certificate (Form 6)
874 KB
As-built Drainage plan
57 KB
Building Systems Status Report (BSSR)
61 KB
Certificate of Public use checklist
237 KB
Minor Variation Application (C-Fm 2V)
208 KB
Pool Registration
236 KB
Compliance Schedule Specified Systems Form (SBCG27) (external link)
Section 112 Gap Analysis
196 KB
Building Consent Lodgement Check Sheet
1.1 MB
Building Maintenance Management : Form 11, Form 12, Form 12A (external link)
Application for discretionary exemption from building consent
421 KB
Application for permit to operate an amusement device
100 KB
SBCG-Form-2-BC-Application (external link)
Land Information Memorandum (LIM) application form
419 KB