Building Warrant of Fitness Audits

The territorial authority is required to audit a selection of Building Warrant of Fitnesses every year as requested by Council.

In addition to a random selection of BWoFs these audits may also be triggered when

  • a BWOF is overdue or where there is a history of BWoFs being supplied late
  • a building has had no building work done for an extended period of time
  • the BWOF and compliance schedule have not been reviewed for an extended period of time
  • during investigations of dangerous buildings.

These audits can be undertaken remotely, based on information provided by the owner(s) or the owner’s agent. Where information does not allow a remote audit to be undertaken a site visit may be required.

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Can someone refuse/challenge the occurrence of an On-site compliance schedule inspection (BWoF)?
An authorised officer (by Council as the TA) is entitled at all times during normal working hours or while building work is carried out to undertake a compliance schedule inspection (see BA sec 222).
However, Council will endeavor to work with the building owner to have the least impact on their operations.


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